Privacy policy

Through _ of this website does not collect personal data from users without his _ knowledge , nor are they transferred to third parties .

To know ours _ cookie policy , used to collect information _ users , li agrai ̈ m read the section Our cookie policy _ _ website .

Basic information on data protection

Then you _ we inform you about the data protection policy of PROJECT HOTEL VORAMAR, SL

Who is responsible for the treatment ?

The personal data that can be to order directly from the interested party they will be treated confidentially and will be incorporated into the corresponding one treatment activity _ owned by PROJECT HOTEL VORAMAR, SL

How do we obtain your personal data ?

We collect your personal data in different occasions :

The products i services of PROJECT HOTEL VORAMAR, SL as well as theirs campaigns promotional , they are directed i thought mostly for adults. In this one sense , only we will collect and process your personal data if you are at least 16 years old . PROJECT HOTEL VORAMAR, SL, reserves the right to perform age checks of people who provide personal data . Any data from a child under the age of 16 will be deleted .

We would appreciate you help maintain _ updated your personal data _ informing us of any change in your contact details or yours preferences .

What information can we? get over you ̀?

Through _ of the different services and contact channels described in it Privacy Policy , may be requested the follow _ _ types of data about you depending on yours relationship with the Data Controller :

For what purposes do we process your personal data ?

For his _ As a user of the website, we will process your personal data proportions in order _ to attend to the query that we hagi performed and provide it commercial information on products and services of the company.

For his _ condition of subscriber of ours Newsletter , we will deal give them personal that we proportions in order _ to send ours communications commercial punctually .

For his _ customer status _ we will process your data to provide you with the service requested and the administrative and commercial management of our client portfolio .

For his _ The requested data will be processed only for those who request it present or future staff selection processes _ made by the company .

What is the Legitimacy for the processing your data ?

Users and members: RGPD Article 6.1.a) consent of the interested party for the processing of your personal data for one or more purposes specific .

Clients : RGPD Article 6.1. b) treatment is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the interested party is part , or for the application at its request of pre- contractual measures . RGPD Article 6.1.a) consent of the interested party for the processing of your personal data for one or more purposes specific .

Applicants : RGPD Article 6.1.c) treatment is necessary for the compliance of a legal obligation applicable to the controller .

For the others treatment activities that may not appear in it _ privacy policy , please _ contacts with the Data Controller to request month information .

For how long time will we keep your data ?

The personal data provided will be retained for the time being necessary to comply for the purpose for which they are collected and to determine the possible ones responsibilities that may arise from the purpose , in addition of the periods established in the regulations of archives and documentation ́.

To whom will we communicate your data ?

With In general , personal data will not be communicated to third parties , except for legal obligations , which may include communications to organizations . directly related to the person in charge ( Tax, employment and accounting advice . Entities financial . State Tax Administration Agency . Companies in charge of marketing and advertising . Security forces and bodies _ of the State , organs judicial services , Ministry of Public Prosecutions.

Although in data transmissions through from the internet or from a web is not possible to guarantee absolute protection against intrusions , ens we make every effort to maintain the necessary physical , electronic and procedural protection measures to ensure the protection of your information accordingly with the applicable data protection requirements . _

All yours are stored in a safe place (or copies safe physical ) of ours property or the ours in charge of the treatment , and to access and use them are applied ours security criteria and policies ( or others equivalents of the ours treatment managers ) .

Fem Transfers international data?

PROJECT HOTEL VORAMAR, SL has no planned transfers international data.

How we maintain protected your data ?

To ensure the protection and security , integrity and availability of data, we use a variety of security measures .

Although in data transmissions through from the internet or from a web is not it is possible to guarantee absolute protection against intrusions , both We how the ours in charge of the treatment , we dedicate the maximums efforts to maintain the physical , electronic and procedural safeguards with which to ensure the protection of your data in accordance with the requirements applicable in this matter . Among the measures we use the following are included : _

monitor usually the accesses to the systems computers to detect i stop any use undue personal data . In those cases where you we have ease (or you ̀ have chosen ) a password that you allow access certain parts of our websites or any another portal, application or service under our control is you are responsible for keeping it in secret and to comply all the others security procedures that you _ we notify . You will not be able to share yours password with no one .

What Rights they can exercise the interested ?

Everyone has the right to obtain confirmation on the processing of your data carried out by PROJECT HOTEL VORAMAR, SL

Can exercise the yours rights access , rectification , deletion and portability of your data, limitation and opposition to your treatment , as well as not being the subject of decisions based solely on treatment of your data , and to withdraw your consent on loan to PROJECT HOTEL VORAMAR, SL. B55149868. Passeig Lluís Albert, 2 – 17130 – L’Escala – GIRONA. Or send an e-mail to, indicating in the subject ” Data protection “.

In addition , the interested party can be addressed to the Data Protection Supervisor responsible for obtaining _ _ additional information or file a complaint.