Hotel Voramar de l'Escala

Touched by the history

We have recovered the historic and emblematic Voramar Hotel at L’Escala to relive the authentic Costa Brava of the 50’s.

Voramar Hotel is an up-to-date memorial of colonial architecture. The building is located at the beginning of this coastal promenade, in the historic center, next to the beach of Port d’en Perris.

Deeply Rooted in l’Escala

Staying at Voramar Hotel makes for the perfect escape through the history of our town, while you tribute our land, accross the gastronomy and Empordà wines, as well as the popular culture. It feels like a meeting place, as it was before.

We want our customers to feel like they are back in town.

We want you to feel simplicity, calm and comfort. Becoming your quiet corner in the middle of La Costa Brava.

Hotel Voramar de l'Escala

A meeting place

Voramar Hotel began as the prior Bofill coffee shop.
A meeting place for people from the village who gathered to restart social and cultural activities. Further links have been developed with local people and the first tourists arrived at La Costa Brava.

Years later, there was Villa Carolina, a previous manor house for touristic use, to became one of the few hotels that L’Escala had for years: The Voramar Hotel.
Name that que we keep with pride and remain us l’Escala village.

Voramar’s swimming pool, an icon of the Costa Brava of the 60’s.

The ancient saltwater swimming pool, inaugurated in 1960, was for almost half a century, an emblematic place of L’Escala.

Its versatile use, with the well-known Acuarium nightclub, where it also held fashion shows, turned the Voramar as the coolest place at that time.

Hotel Voramar de l'Escala
Hotel Voramar de l'Escala

The new Voramar’s Restaurant

Its terrace faceing the sea and the cocktail bar reflects this spirit. We want interesting things to happen, to preserve the earlier essence of conversations and meetings with friends and family.

Voramar Hotel

Nowadays, Voramar Hotel has a total of 27 rooms accurately restored to capture the Mediterranean essence.
A perfect place for couples or families who want to feel the Costa Brava more closely with all the facilities and comfort.

The blue colour turns into the main icon that symbolises both sea and sky. The ocher tones bring us close to the land and the roots to reflect peace and calm.

Hotel Voramar de l'Escala
Hotel Voramar de l'Escala

The new Voramar Hotel
wishes you a warm welcome.