Sora to Umi
Sora to Umi · Sushi Restaurant L'Escala

Japanese gastronomy to eat the sea while touching the sky

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Sora to umi means the sky and the sea.

We have dedicated Voramar’s closest place to the sky, the rooftop, to the traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant so that you can taste the delights of the sea in sushi format.

Our chef manages to transmit the essence of Voramar by offering a simple, honest menu that is faithful to traditional Japanese cuisine.

Traditional Japanese cuisine

Our motto, Itadakimasu, defines very well the intention we give to the Sora to umi menu.
It literally means “humbly received” and is used to thank the plants and animals that gave their lives for the food to be consumed and all the people who have participated in the process.
In our menu you will find tradition, quality products and passion for Japanese cuisine.
Sora to Umi · Sushi Restaurant L'Escala
Sora to Umi · Sushi Restaurant L'Escala
Cocktail bar L'Escala
Cocktail bar L'Escala

The cocktail bar that fuses Japan and the Mediterranean.

If you like cocktails, let yourself be surprised by the inspiration of our bartender. Always ready to create a cocktail for the most exquisite palates.
On our menu you will find everything from local cocktails that represent the aromas and flavours of the Costa Brava to cocktails in pure Japanese style.
A cocktail by the sea is always a good idea.

Cocktail of the month

For the most experienced and always looking to try new things, you can’t miss the most popular cocktail. The cocktail of the month. Cocktail of the month.

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